Multiply by Six Million: Portraits and Stories of Holocaust Survivors

USA, 2007, 24 minutes, B&W
Photographs by Evvy Eisen
Produced & Directed by Evvy Eisen & Kelly Hendricks
Music composed & performed by Holocaust survivor Nicole Milner

New HD Transfer

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Public Exhibition Formats: Beta, DVD


Short Synopsis

This unique film artfully combines photographs, memories voiced by survivors, and a haunting solo piano score.


“Listen. This is important. This is what happened to me and my family.
It should not be forgotten.”

Multiply by Six Million is the culmination of Eisen’s fifteen-yearlong project photographing over 200 holocaust survivors and collecting their personal stories. It presents a selection of their portraits as they recount their experiences during and after the World War II.


Fanny Krieger (pictured at right):
"A paid collaborator informed the Germans about our location, and one night they came and took away my parents and my seven-year-old sister. That night, I wasn’t home because my bed was needed for a relative who was visiting us. He was taken in my place. When I returned the next day all I found was the family photo album on the floor. I spent the rest of the war hiding in the local boarding school waiting for the return of my family. But no one ever came back."


Programming Suggestions

Film Contains no graphic images and is appropriate for showing to groups of all ages.

It is relevant to communities of diverse faiths and ethnicities. It has been used successfully in Academic settings- middle school through University levels in classes in History, Holocaust Studies, Photography, and English as the basis for discussion, writing assignments and research.

The DVD can be especially useful at Holocaust remembrance events for student and adult audiences.

Study guide available: Three-part study guide, including additional information based on survivors’ original writings about their experiences, a glossary of relevant historical terms, a list of suggested discussion and writing topics.

About Photographer Evvy Eisen

Eisen specializes in environmental portraits, producing fine art, black and white, silver gelatin prints. Her work is held in the permanent collections of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington DC, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Los Angeles, and the Mémorial de la Shoah, Paris.

About Editor, Co-Producer Kelly Hendricks

Hendricks has worked as a film editor and producer for over 20 years. His work has earned four local Emmys and a national Emmy.


Silver Award, Short Subject Philadelphia International Film Festival

Television Broadcast

Sundance Channel (2008)

External Links and Downloads includes photo projects and additional information about the photographer.

Study Guide

Article profiling the filmmakers and Multiply by Six Million project (PDF)

Traveling exhibition available through Exhibit Envoy 

Critical Acclaim

“This film provides an important educational resource for museums, professors, and teachers exploring the Holocaust. It provides an engaging and accessible perspective on the Holocaust. All audiences, from children to adults, those with past knowledge of the Holocaust and those without, can take something meaningful away form this beautiful film.”
-Jonathan Schwartz, Director of the San Francisco Jewish Community Library

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