In 1924, fourteen year old Franz Weintraub and his parents moved from Magdeburg, Germany to Vienna, Austria. Joining some 60,000 other Jews who had migrated from eastern areas of the defeated Hapsburg Empire, Weintraub's family settled in the Viennese Jewish community of Leopoldstadt, the so-called "Matzo Island."

In this illuminating documentary, Weintraub recalls his experiences as a young Jew in inter-war Austria from 1924 to 1934. A journalist and gifted storyteller, Weintraub reconstructs everyday life in Jewish Leopoldstadt and in a Social Democratic milieu. Recalling in vivid detail his encounters with antisemitism, his involvement with the Labor movement and his membership in the Communist Party, Weintraub's oral history provides keen insight into a community and era soon transformed by World War II.

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Austria, 1983, 95 minutes, color
German with English subtitles
Directed by Ruth Beckermann and Josef Aicholzer

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