In Satmar’s Custody

Boston Premiere

Sunday, April 10, 4:30 pm

Israel, 2003, 70 min,
Hebrew Yemenite, & Yiddish,
with English subtitles
Writer, director, producer: Nitzan Gilady

The Satmar, the world’s largest Hassidic sect, based in Brooklyn and Orange County, New York, follow an exceptionally strict interpretation of Jewish law that refuses, like some other ultra orthodox sects, to recognize the State of Israel. Unlike other extreme orthodox groups, however, they actively oppose Israel’s very existence. In Satmar’s Custody follows the story of the Jaradis, a Jewish Yemenite couple brought to the United States by the Satmar. The film begins with an urgent phone call notifying the couple that their two-year old daughter Hadia has died in a hospital in Paterson, New Jersey.

“A most stirring and disturbing film…built like a thriller, in an atmosphere of mystery.” – Joan Dupont, The International Herald Tribune

Michael Landsberg, North American Executive Director of Aliyah for The Jewish Agency


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