The director of both feature and documentary films, Bargur is the recipient of several significant film awards. Fluent in English as well as Hebrew she has traveled and studied extensively, presenting her films worldwide.

Born in San Francisco in 1969, Ayelet Bargur has lived in Israel since 1970. She studied at the Camera Obscura School of Art in Tel Aviv and has an MA in disciplinary arts from Tel Aviv University. In 1995 she received a grant from the America Israel Cultural Foundation. During that time she produced the short film A Good Place to Be, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Bargur’s films often reflect a personal point of view. Two of her films are directly drawn from her own experiences: the award-winning feature film As if Nothing Happened, about an Israeli family waiting to hear if their son has been killed in the terror attack at the Beit Lid Junction, and the documentary film At the End of the Day, about the death of four paratrooper commanders in the same Israeli Defense Force unit.

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Ayelet Bargur





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