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All Jews Out traces the story of the German-Jewish Auerbacher family of Goppingen, Germany from 1933 through 1945. This captivating film begins with home movies of the family in the 1930s and follows Inge Auerbacher from her home town to her deportation to Theresienstadt, where she suffered for 3 1/2 years and was among the 100 children who survived.

Rare footage is accompanied by on-camera interviews of Inge and her mother on a return visit to their town, and to Theresienstadt, where an amazing amount of photographs and documents were saved. Interviews with former Nazi Party members, townspeople and the switchboard operator from Theresienstadt are conducted by German high school students and exposes German citizens who attempt to deny and conceal their involvement in the Holocaust.


“Do not take this film to be just one more work about Nazis and Jews. It is in a class by itself.... because of its wealth of extraordinary, previously-unknown archival materials, its unflinching revelation of evil and callousness, and most of all, the moral fervor of the filmmaker.”
-Amos Vogel, founder New York Film Festival

“..a compelling documentary... No frame of film is wasted; every camera angle has been precisely planned... astounding.” -Variety

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All Jews Out!
Alle Juden Raus!

Germany, 1990, 82 minutes
German with English subtitles
Directed by Emanuel Rund

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