Marek Edelman Dialogue Center (2016)
Washington DC Jewish Film Festival (2012)

This penetrating documentary produced for Israel Educational Television looks at the lives of three Jewish women writers: Cordelia Edvardson, Angelika Schrobsdorff, and Inge Deutschkron. All three grew up in pre-war Berlin, until Nazi racial laws shattered their lives; uprooted and cut off from family and friends, the three made their way to Israel, where they became accomplished journalists and authors.

The film, shot in Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, and Israel, follows the unique paths taken by each of these women in their quest for identity and the meaning of life in the aftermath of their dreadful wartime experiences.


"Wonderful... as soon as the film is over, one wants to meet with the subjects in person."
- Fabiana Chafetz, Ha'ir, November 8, 1991


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Born in Berlin

Israel, 1991, 85 minutes, color/B&W
German, English, Swedish and Hebrew with English subtitles

Directed by Naomi Ben-Natan and Leora Kamenetzky
Produced by Noemi Schory

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Public Exhibition formats: 16mm, Beta, DVD





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