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Washington Jewish Film Festival (2010)
Shalom TV (2010)
Buenos Aires Jewish Film Festival (2005)
Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival (2006)
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Providence Latin Americans Festival of Film (2006)
Argentina International Festival of Human Rights (2006)


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Argentinean-born Israelis filmmaker Jorge Gurvich and journalist Shlomo Slutzky met in Buenos Aires in the 1970’s before both men immigrated to Israel. Thirty years later, they take up the question of Jewish-Argentine history, identity and especially attitudes towards Israel. Over a period of six years, Gurvich and Slutzky interviewed a host of Argentinean Jews, examining their decisions to remain in Argentina or emigrate to Israel.

The Argentinean Jews struggle with economic and emotional issues which are often painful. The film reveals the difficulties common to many immigrants, especially Jews in the diaspora who struggle to find a safe and sustaining place for themselves and their families.

Raising issues of Jewish identity and homeland with their subjects necessitated introspection from the filmmakers. Their own experiences and attitudes are central to
Next Year in... Argentina. For Gurvich, living in Israel means not being ”preoccupied with my Jewish identity—it seems natural to me.” And yet, he is drawn back to Argentina. “I have family in Israel, I’m an Israeli filmmaker, but my heart is still here, in faraway Argentina, and this tears me apart.”


"Next Year in... Argentina helps to define the different perceptions of Jewish identity and the place of the Jewish state in modern Jewish consciousness. For Eduardo, a religious businessman in Argentina, and a childhood friend of the filmmaker, Jewish identity is asserted through religious observance. Asked why he doesn’t make aliyah, he replies, quoting the Lubavitcher Rebbe, “you can make Israel wherever you are,” suggesting that Israel is not about a physical state but a state of Jewish spirituality and observance."
-The Jewish Channe


Shlomo Slutzky was born in Buenos Aires in 1956 and studied sociology at Buenos Aires University. He emigrated to Israel in 1976 and graduated from Tel Aviv University. He has worked as a print and television journalist for Hebrew and Spanish language Israeli and foreign media outlets. Slutzky has edited and produced newspapers and journals in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French and Arabic. He is a journalist for Channel 7 in Chile and directs and produces television documentaries for various Latin American countries and for Israeli television. His films include: Betsisa about Argentina following the 2001 economic collapse, Changing Places, Changing Luck about the absorption of new Argentinean immigrants in Be’er Sheva, Another Silver Platter about the Yiddish Theater in Argentina, and The Third is on its Way exploring the stalled investigation into the terror attacks on the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center in the early 1990s, which screened at DocAviv 2008.

Jorge Gurvich was born in Argentina in 1957. He emigrated to Israel in 1978 and studied in the Department of Cinema and Television at Tel Aviv University from 1979-1983. He is the producer-director of numerous fiction short films and television dramas, including the multi-award winning films The Shower
and Pesya’s Necklace. He is a renowned and sought-after cinematographer, serving as director of photography on many feature films and documentaries. Gurvich has taught cinematography at Tel Aviv University, Sam Spiegel Film School, Camera Obscura & Maale, Beit Berl and Sapir University. He has been awarded the Ministry of Education Special Prize for directors and screenwriters and the Golden Lens (prize for best cinematography) three times. He has co-written several feature films scripts. Gurvich’s full-length feature film directorial debut, Mrs. Moscowitz and the Cats premiered at the 2009 Jerusalem International Film Festival.

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The Shower

So We Said Goodbye

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Next Year in... Argentina
El Año que Viene en... Argentina

Israel, 2005, 62 minutes, Spanish with English subtitles
Directed by Jorge Gurvich and Shlomo Slutzky

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