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Carvalho's Journey
Ahead of Time

Presented by The National Center for Jewish Film

Jewish Film Showcase offers an exciting slate of new feature documentary films telling vibrant stories from around the world. Curated as a mini film festival, the Showcase presents three award-winning films, each exploring a dynamic story rich in history, art, and culture. Paraphrasing one of this year's protagonists, these films reach deep into history and bring something back.

These richly told and beautifully photographed films come to public television fresh from successful film festival runs. From the treacherous terrain of the American West in the 1850s, to the front lines and refugee ships of WWII, to contemporary Poland in the shadow of 1000 years of Jewish history, each film explores the power of art to crystalize the present, shape the future, and recover the past.

Jewish Film Showcase is curated and presented by The National Center for Jewish Film, a unique, independent non-profit film archive, distributor, and exhibitor. The Center's archive of Jewish-content films is one of the world's largest and includes rare home movies, silent, vaudeville, institutional, and Yiddish language films. The Center is also a major distributor and exhibitor of new independent cinema.

Jewish Film Showcase Films:

Carvalho's Journey
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A real life 19th-century American western adventure about Charleston born Sephardic daguerreotypist Solomon Nunes Carvalho who became one of the first to photograph the Far West while traveling with mountain men, Native Americans, and Mormons as part of explorer John Fremont's 1853 Westward Expedition. 

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Ahead of Time: The Extraordinary Journey of Ruth Gruber
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For seven decades trailblazing foreign correspondent and photojournalist Ruth Gruber didn’t just report the news, she made it, reporting from the Soviet Arctic and Alaska, escorting Holocaust refugees, covering the Nuremberg trials, and filing dispatches from aboard the Palestine-bound ship Exodus.  

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